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Couples Counseling

Navigating communication barriers in your relationship or family? Recurring patterns and unresolved conflicts taking a toll? The stress of home overshadowing fulfillment? Unmet needs breeding resentment and misunderstanding?

We're here to guide you through these challenges. Explore your family dynamics and relationship patterns to understand their roots. Our expertise fosters accountability, prompting essential role shifts for a fresh start. Communication skills take center stage—we'll refine direct, open, and adaptable approaches. Decode emotional needs and attachment dynamics driving interactions. Effectively manage conflicts and acquire sustainable self-soothing strategies.

Our certified clinicians specialize in couples therapy, tailoring methods to your unique situation. From the Gottman Method and trauma-focused techniques like EMDR, we've got diverse tools at hand. If parenting hurdles are causing a strain on your relationship, we've got you covered too. For specific cases, parent training for couples is available. You will both receive psychoeducation on your child's behavior, development, function, and your responses to it as a parenting team. Together, we'll help you and your children establish routines, structure, and skill-building through natural consequences that will also help you improve your partnership with your significant other.

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