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Counseling for Adults and Teens In the North Shore

Cutting Edge Counseling

of The North Shore

"Change your thoughts and you will change your world."

- Anonymous

  • "My friends are together and I see them on Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram and I was not invited"

  • "I have nothing to do tonight"

  • "School is just too hard"

  • "I am nervous about returning to school in the fall"

  • "I don't want to go to school today"

  • "I'd rather stay home and watch Netflix"

  • "I can never find my homework"

  • "I can't focus on my school work"

  • "My binder is a mess!"

Is your child saying the below phrases?

If you are hearing these phrases from your child you are not alone. Many parents do not know what to do when they have tried everything to support their children socially. I work with your child to help support them socially by reducing anxiety and/or depression so that they will want to be with friends and have the confidence in themselves to express their needs and wants with their peers and family. 



We can help bring you back to a reduced state of anxiety or depression.   Here is how we make this happen.

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This happens by weekly sessions as well as through communication with family.



We believe in keeping family and other providers involved in treatment, if given permission by the patient and family members.  We are available to support my clients through email or phone in between sessions as well.

Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We will help you with your thoughts so you can live a better life  


Image by John Mark Arnold

CBT treatment usually involves efforts to change thinking patterns. It has been demonstrated to be particularly effective for depression, anxiety, marital problems and even alcohol and drug abuse.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

We will help you regulate your emotions, cope with stress, and improve your relationships



I use dialectical behavior therapy to teach people how to live in the moment, cope healthily with stress, regulate emotions, and improve relationships with others.


Ally Bremer

"My number one goal for all of my clients is to teach them the skills to help them master their own life, so they do not need me anymore."

Ally Bremer has been the owner of Cutting Edge Counseling of the North Shore since 2014 and has been practicing in the field since 2009. Since starting her own practice in 2016, she has worked extensively with children, adolescents, teenagers, parents, families, young adults, and adults. She helps support individuals on their relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and upsetting events, and helps people get past stuck points in their lives.

Yael Tobin.jpg

Yael Tobin

"I know that every client has different mental health needs.  This is why each treatment plan is different."

Yael's philosophy and approach to counseling is to enable both children and adults to find their way to superior mental health and stay there.  She knows that each person has arrived at their current situation in a different way.  It is for this reason that each person must arrive at their ideal state of mental health through a customized, tailored plan that meets their individual needs.  This is why she is so excited to join Cutting Edge Counseling, and looks forward to meeting you and helping you on your personal journey to mental health and happiness.

The Importance of


Struggling Adolecents/Teens are not "Broken"

Rather, they are confronting the human experience of coming into conflict with their environments. This is a process that is especially intense for adolescents as they develop and grow. When society teaches teens that they are “not enough,” they sometimes seek to address that pain with dysfunctional behaviors. What they are truly in search of is a sense of belonging and connection with themselves and those around them. We support adolescents by teaching them the life skills and self-understanding that allows them to find their place in the world.

If you feel like you are in need of additional support, I can see you during the week as well as on the weekends.  Contact us at 847-306-6477 and we will get back to you within one business day. 

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