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Get To Know Your Therapist: Emily Blair

Updated: Mar 29, 2023


What’s something you would say to a potential client who’s on the fence about beginning therapy?

  • Beginning therapy is something new and something incredibly personal, so it’s completely understandable to have some fears about it. But I believe therapy can be beneficial for everyone, as everyone has some struggle or challenge going on in their life no matter how big or small. Just having an unbiased person to talk to and get things out of your mind and off your chest can help relieve some of that stress.

What’s your hope for each client when they leave your office?

  • I hope they feel a little better than when they came in, or a little lighter, or a little less alone. I never expect them to leave feeling “fixed” or like everything was accomplished because that’s not possible, but hopefully they feel they are headed in the right direction and have someone who understands what they need and how to get there.

What is your favorite part of being a therapist?

  • There are truly so many great things about being a therapist. The amount of people I get to meet and know is really amazing and being a part of their growth and progress can be inspiring. It also gives me different perspectives I might never have had by getting to know all these different people who have different and new perspectives from my own.

Where did you go to school? What degree did you obtain from each?

  • I did my undergrad at the University of Minnesota. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Family Social Sciences. Then I went to Northern Illinois University to receive my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

How long have you been practicing?

  • I have been practicing since 2019, when I started my clinical practice and internship. I did my internship through a hospital, working on the adult and adolescent inpatient units as well as working in the Emergency Department assessing people in crisis and helping them get the treatment or resources they needed.

How do you practice self care?

  • I try to implement as much self care in my life as I can. I try to journal weekly, as I know it’s not always realistic of me to journal daily. I focus on deep breathing techniques and meditation, as well as any form of exercise that I try to do at least once a day, whether that’s going to the gym, just doing some cardio, yoga, or just going for a walk.

Were you involved in any extra curricular activities either in high school or college?

  • I was a dancer from the age of 5 up until I was 18, competitively dancing and through my high school. I danced a little in college for the sorority I was a part of, but not nearly as much. I also did Lacrosse in high school, and I was a part of a few clubs throughout college, as well as my sorority, which allowed me to make so many new relationships.

What is an unpopular opinion that you have? (About therapy or about life!)

  • I know I have some unpopular opinions about therapy that I just can’t think of right now :) So some of my unpopular opinions about life are Mayonnaise is disgusting, and making the bed is a pointless task the majority of the time.

What do you like to do for fun?

  • Some things that I do for fun, that sometimes I also consider self care, are baking, playing with my dog/taking him for a walk, hanging with my friends and/or family, and reading. I also love rollerblading every day in the summer if the weather allows for it.

What are 3 unique facts about you?

  • I have a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

  • I read 71 books last year (trying to read at least 72 this year)

  • I won $1000 from a Culver’s Sweepstakes



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