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Maintaining Social Skills During Global Pandemic

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

As we all know, our current times are nothing close to normal. For the first time in an incredibly long time, the entire world has been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Of course, everyone is taking extra necessary steps to take care of their physical health. This is especially true if you have a higher risk of having complications due to the virus. But what about our mental health? It’s important to remember that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Especially during a time of extra stress and uncertainty.

Having strong skills and socialization is imperative to the state of our mental health. Being social in general is known as one of the best ways to decrease depression and loneliness. It can also help your mood in general and increase your motivation. These mood-boosting connections are especially important during times of increased stress and fear. The current state of our world is increasingly uncertain and stressful. Not even the experts know when things will go back to “normal”, or if this is our new normal. Rightfully so, this can stir up a plethora of emotions of each and every one of us.

To add another obstacle to the mix, with our current pandemic, we are encouraged to social distance. This makes typical social situations such as going to a shopping mall or out to dinner more challenging. Of course, these things are still possible, in some areas, but as a whole are not encouraged. So how are we supposed to get the benefits of socialization and maintain healthy social skills? There are a few creative ways to get social while making sure you are being safe in terms of COVID-19.

Technology can get a bad rep because social media can be toxic in some cases for our mental health. But in terms of socialization, we are living in a time where technology allows us to socialize with others across the world. Using video chatting to keep in touch which family is an incredible resource for our current times. You can even take it a step further and schedule dates with your friends. If you typically meet your friends for coffee, you can meet for coffee virtually. Of course, it will never be the same, but it can still give you the same mood-boosting benefits of face-to-face interaction. You can also spend more time outdoors. From the research we have so far, it seems that COVID-19 has less of a chance of spreading outdoors. You can walk with friends or have a picnic at a park. Depending on your specific situation, you can even take extra precautions such as maintaining a distance of six feet or wearing a mask.

Human beings have an instinctive need to socialize. So much so, that isolation is used as a form of capital punishment. During times of extreme stress or uncertainty, it’s especially important to socialize to maintain our mental health. Because there are already so many stressors in the world right now, we want to do the best to take care of ourselves and each other. While it may not be the same a pre-pandemic socialization, there are certainly ways to reap the benefits. It’s important to stay hopeful and to know that things will eventually get better. Take advantage of the ways we can socialize and do your best to take care of yourself during these taxing times.

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