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Anxiety and depression can happen to anyone at any age.  However, the transition to college combined with the affects of the pandemic have created a mental health epidemic in college students in particular.


Everything is new and different in college.  You are away from home.  College professors are not like high school teachers.  Many of your life long friends are now elsewhere. 


In addition to all of this, students now have to deal with a pandemic.  This is a hard time for college students.  Here are just a few statistics that parents and students should be aware of:

  • 27% of college students have been diagnosed with depression

  • 57.7% of students have felt “overwhelming anxiety” in the past year

  • 39% of all students in the US report dealing with some kind of mental illness

  • 64% of students drop out of college because of mental health problems

  • Only 9% of college students in the United States decide to seek professional help about their mental health issues

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Parents, please watch your college students carefully during this very difficult time.  If you believe your college student may have mental health issues, please reach out to us immediately.  It will not get better with time or simply go away.

Image by Dylan Gillis
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