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College and Mental Health

First time away is hard for everyone.  We can help.

Empowering College Students:
Confronting the Mental Health Challenge

Anxiety and depression don't discriminate by age. Yet, the convergence of college transition and the pandemic's impact has fueled a concerning surge in mental health struggles among college students.

College life introduces a world of new experiences. Away from home, facing diverse professors, and being separated from lifelong friends can be overwhelming. This pivotal time demands our attention.

Take a glimpse at these eye-opening statistics, urging both parents and students to stay informed:

  • 27% of college students have battled depression.

  • 57.7% have encountered "overwhelming anxiety" in the past year.

  • 39% of all US students grapple with mental illness.

  • 64% drop out of college due to mental health challenges.

  • A mere 9% seek professional help for their mental health struggles.

Parents, your college students need your watchful care during these trying times. Recognize that mental health issues won't fade on their own. Our support can make all the difference.

Explore the solutions today. If you suspect your college student is struggling, don't wait. Take advantage of our Free 15 Minute call. Their journey towards well-being starts with a single step.

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Look at what our experts have to say about the College Transition

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