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We specialize in problems facing young adults

Not a kid, not quite an adult...

Growing up too fast.  Experimenting.  Acting out.  Withdrawing.  Bodily changes.  Independence.  Sexuality.  Online bullying.  The list of teen challenges these days seems endless.  

Teens face a number of obstacles to socialization and emotional maturity.  Quality social interaction is important for everyone, but especially for a teen.  When teens don't get the right type of social interaction, it can create mental health problems.

We see these problems all the time and we know how to help.  We will work with your teen to develop strategies to get them through these incredibly trying times.  Being a teen worrying about the future, college, school work, and friends was already hard enough.  We know that families could use a helping hand from time to time as it concerns teen mental health.  Call us today and learn more.

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