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Sometimes, it's about 'we' and not just 'me'

Developing a cohesive family unit is not an accident.

Are you talking less?  Do you make an effort to eat dinner with each other?  Is there something that you know is bothering everyone, but no one wants to say anything?  Do you feel like your children hate each other?  Or you?

When people think of therapy and counseling, they most often think about an individual sitting with a therapist discussing problems.  While this is certainly true, we also work with families to help improve communication and nurturing within the household.

People often ask why should a whole family come in for counseling?  Great question.  The simple answer is that often individual mental health problems can often be remedied before they become an illness if individuals have a happy, healthy family to go home to on a daily basis.  If we can help improve how a family communicates and interacts with one another, we can improve the mental health of each family member.  Call us today and learn more!

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