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Goodbye Summer....Hello Fall

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

5 ways to end those summer blues

The end of the summer can bring lots of emotions to different people. For families, it is their kids getting older and starting another year of school. For adults, it can be the change of seasons and changing the amount of time you spend outside. There is one feeling that people of all ages feel, the end of the summer, means the end of nice sunny weather (at least in Chicago). There are a few strategies to help prolong that end of summer blues.

1. Move your body. When it is the summertime we like to get some Vitamin D and enjoy all of those summertime activities. When you move more and take care of yourself, you tend to be happier and feel more in control of yourself.  This has proven to decrease anxiety and depression.  Continue moving and aim for 10,000 steps a day!

2. Look forward. Even though we don’t love the weather changing, there are lots of fun activities that comes with the fall season. You can go apple picking, make hot chocolate, carve pumpkins, wearing cozy sweaters, read by the fire, and go outside and watch the colors change (you can go outside more often since it is not 90 degree’s outside).

3. Squeeze the last bit of summer in. Even though we are in September, the weather can still be nice outside. Take some time to finish you summer bucket list or enjoy that weekend getaway you did not get to take all summer.

4. Social Media Searches. Take to social media and plan some events throughout the fall or at least do the research to see what is happening in your area over the next few months. Plan something fun that you don’t normally do. Get out of your comfort zone!

5. Start planning all those great holiday events. Okay, I know it is too early to think about the November/December holidays, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take to Pinterest and find some great ideas and get excited about the new things you are going to try this holiday season.

Enjoy the end of summer and the start of fall!



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