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3 Tips For Improving Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Nobody saw 2020 coming. It's been a different year than we hoped for. A new decade was supposed to give us a fresh start. Unfortunately, COVID-19 came out of nowhere and placed us in a state of limbo. Many lost their jobs, some missed out on important school events, and our general way of life has been thrown for a loop. Not only is our mental health declining, but our children are also at risk. Our children are not getting healthy social interaction they need for their own cognitive development. Fortunately, following these tips can help keep our brains healthy during these tumultuous times.

Engaging In Physical Activities

Gyms and yoga studios may be closed (or it's still not safe to enter them), but that's no excuse not to do what you can at home. Not only are you stuck at home, but your children are too. As they grow into their adolescence, they need to continue developing their bodies through physical activity, or it can cause a range of mental health issues from anxiety to depression. They may also lose confidence in themselves. Stress and anxiety can arise from going stir crazy. However, it's no secret that exercise helps improve symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders. Even ten minutes of walking around your home, taking your pet or children out for a neighborhood walk (with masks on, of course), or following yoga videos on YouTube can help you and your children improve your mental health.

Learning New Things

There is nothing as stimulating as filling your mind with brand new information. Learning new skills helps to improve working memory and other cognitive abilities. You don't have to do anything too challenging, like learning how to code with no prior knowledge. When your teen isn't busy with their virtual schoolwork, you can work together to do something simple around your home, such as learning how to fix a broken bike or finally learning how to cook different recipes, gain their confidence, and give them a sense of purpose.

Helping Those In Need

Teaching your teen to help others can have noteworthy effects on their mental health. They will feel their self-value rise while instilling a sense of accomplishment during these trying times. Helping others gives them a sense of purpose, which is a much-needed foundation of self-esteem and overall mental well-being.

Things will go back to normal someday. We can go outside, grill burgers with our neighbors, and go back to school without worrying about a pandemic. Unfortunately, the world is in a state of suspension right now, and we all have to do our parts, from adults to teenagers, to take advantage of the resources available to improve our mental health and the mental health of others.



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